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Corner Summerhouses

Corner summer houses are a great design for the smaller garden. Placed in a corner position they can give views over the whole garden without towering over it.

Corner Summerhouse 3m x 3m
Spey Corner Summerhouse
Size 3m x 3m, wall thickness 28mm
This design is also available with a storage room with separate entrance.
More details of Spey Corner Summerhouse
Tweed corner summerhouse with storage
Tweed Corner Summerhouse with storage
Same design as the Spey but with the addition of an integrated storage area with separate entrance.
Size 3m x 5m, wall thickness 44mm
More details of Tweed corner summerhouse
Katrine corner summerhouse
Katrine Corner Summerhouse with covered patio area
Flat roofed corner summerhouse with a covered outdoor area.
Size 3m x 5m, wall thickness 28mm
More details of Katrine corner summerhouse

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