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Children’s Playhouses

playhouse-1-th-pduallevel-playhouse-thOur Children’s Playhouses come in two main types – single level and dual level.

The playhouses are constructed with 16mm T&G real timber (no composites), that is coated with an oil based lacquer producing a long lasting, sturdy, draught proof playhouse.

The windows are fitted with safety glass, so you can rest assured that nothing will happen to your little one’s, even when the playing gets a bit rough.

Both types of playhouses can be ordered with or without a veranda, and we can of course create a bespoke design just for you if required.

The playhouses are unpainted, so you can customise them any way you like. You can also order it painted as an optional extra.

Children’s Playhouses Prices

Balance due
on erecting
8' x 6' (double level, with veranda)£870 £100£770
6'x4' (single level, no veranda)£270 £40 £230
6'x6' (single level with veranda)£355£50£305
7'x6' (single level with veranda)£390£50£340
8'x6' (single level with veranda)£440 £60£380
10'x6' (single level with veranda)£530 £70£460
8' x 6' (double level, no veranda)£710£80£630
10' x 6' (double level, no veranda)£840£100£730
8' x 6' (double level, with veranda)£760 £90£670

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